Straight drop crank blinds


Straight drop crank blinds are some of the most common blinds in Perth. This is because the blinds are not only effective in keeping away the scorching sun during summer months, but also they are also cost effective, flexible, and easy to use. You can easily hide them when not in use and during winter, they are perfect for letting in natural warmth. They have an easy gearbox system for operation and are custom-fit for spaces of up to 5.8 meters. Because you can lock them at any height and the come in many colour choices, you have total control over the look of your home, office, or business places.


Roof to Fence Blinds


Roof to fence blinds are a perfect choice for increasing shade to your living places without losing business or living space. With roof to fence blinds from shade blinds Perth you can be assured of the perfect style of awnings for your property. Roof to fence blinds allow you to maximize floor space and are a modern shade solution for patios and cafes. The blinds come in stylish and appealing designs and fabrics that are not only durable, but also affordable.


They are one of the most flexible blinds for outdoor spaces in Perth and Western Australia as a whole. Just like straight drop crank blinds, the roof to fence blinds leave you in total control of your home or business. They are more adaptable than fixed roof blinds and greatly enhance the value of your property.


Slat fencing and gates


Shade blinds Perth now supply and fit aluminium timber slat fences and gates. The key advantage of these gates and fences is that though they give the appealing looks of timber, they still have the durability and strength associated with aluminium. With shade blinds Perth, now you can be assured of a modern fence and gate while still enjoying the natural look of wood.


Slat fences and gates are weather resistant unlike timber fences. They have low maintenance costs saving you valuable dollars for your more-pressing financial needs. They offer additional security compared to conventional timber fences and are more stylish in design. They come in different wood finishes and standard colours making them easier to match with your housing colours or external décor.


Heavy-duty channel blinds


For maximum protection when Mother Nature doesn’t want to give you any outdoor peace, you can always rely on heavy-duty channel blinds from shade blinds Perth. These blinds offer optimal protection against bad weather while at the same time not compromising on visibility, allure, and comfort. Heavy-duty channel blinds can be used in all weather conditions. They perfectly fit any business or home outdoor use and thus they will never cease to impress your visitors or clients.


Ziptrak blinds


Ziptrak blinds are another form of outdoor blinds that we offer our clients. Not only are they luxurious but they are also flexible for use in any home or businesses. They are easy to operate and come in a range of colours.


They offer excellent protection against rain, heat, UV rays, and wind. They are stylish fit for alfresco and patio blinds for any location in Perth. With Ziptrak technology, you can rest assured that you will have enhanced security, improved living spaces, as well as impress your friends. They are customizable to your requirements with a large range of colours and fabrics to suit any décor. They are safer, neater and easier to use than other forms of outdoor blinds as they do not have ropes or pulleys that are prone to get in the way and even sometimes can cause accidents.




Your friends and/or clients always admire the luxury that comes with café, bistro, and patio blinds. We at shade blinds Perth offer some of the best value outdoor blinds Perth has to offer. We deliver competitive prices while at the same time using the highest quality materials and fabrics. We have great passion and experience in what we do. Please contact us for any inquiries or to book your free quote. Our experienced staff will promptly respond to your enquiry.

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